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Let’s Get Ontario Moving

Len Crispino, President - Ontario Chamber of Commerce
It’s a move in the right direction but there remains a long road ahead. Last month the provincial government approved changes to the Environmental Assessment (EA) process as it applies to transit projects, primarily to ensure the 52 projects announced in the government’s transit plan under Move Ontario 2020 don’t go off the rails. Final approval is still required for these regulatory changes.

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President of VIA Rail at Chamber

Paul Côté, President of VIA Rail Canada is the keynote speaker at a Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on Thursday, April 17th. Mr. Côté will be speaking on the capital investment program announced by the federal government last year ($691 Million) and what this means for cities along the Quebec City to Windsor corridor. He will refer to high speed rail and the study under way to re-examine past studies on the feasibility of HSR.

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Ontario Manufacturers Call For Short-Term Assistance

Manufacturers in Durham Region and Oshawa, along with 70 other communities in the province have, through a survey conducted by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, identified the top government measures that would help them weather the current economic storm.

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Episode Four: The One Where We Learn About I.T.

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The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce CEO Nancy Shaw discusses membership with the Chamber.