About Our Advocacy

The Voice of Business, steering our members toward growth, prosperity and innovation.

How does it work?

Issues are identified by Chamber members and member firms, further research is done by committees, other volunteers and Chamber staff, approved by the Board, and then presented to the municipal, regional, provincial, or federal government.

The issues must meet the following criteria:

1. be of significance to the Chamber’s membership;
2. be timely;
3. be specific and actionable, (can be impacted by the actions and initiatives of the Chamber and its partners);
4. have a direct relationship to the Chamber’s vision, mission, values, goals and priorities;
5. be clear and understandable.

Often times, the Chamber is invited to offer opinion and feedback regarding all types of business issues. From legislation changes to the Workers Compensation Act to pre-budget meetings with provincial and federal Minister's of Finance, Chamber staff and volunteers are on the ground working for the rights of members.

The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce acts as a unified voice for businesses of all sizes and interests. Active locally, provincially and nationally, the Chamber is not government funded, making it the only truly independent business advocacy organization in the Greater Oshawa area.  This absence of government funding allows the Chamber to advocate solely on the behalf of members and not subject to influence or opinion.

Through a well-honed committee structure, the Chamber develops economic, political, and social policies that affect the economic environment and quality of life in the Greater Oshawa area. The Greater Oshawa  Chamber also takes advantage of the highly-respected advocacy efforts of the Ontario and Canadian Chambers of Commerce to monitor pending and current legislation, regulation and policy, act on behalf of business to ensure the development and promotion of activities that ensure Oshawa and Durham’s business community continued growth and prosperity.

If you are a member and there is an issue or concern that's impacting your business, let us know! Call (905) 728-1683.


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